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Services we offer

We offer amazing professional cleaning services for all around your home, to you our dedicated customers. The cleaning you need is customized to your individual needs so you can let us handle the cleaning while you continue with your life.

We clean all rooms professionally and to suit what you may want to be cleaned with our specific services being

Bathroom - Our advanced cleaning to make your bathroom shine as:
  • We remove cobwebs
  • We dust all the areas that have dust such as your woodwork and metal work
  • We empty trash cans and rubbish bins
  • We clean your Bathtub to your Shower and everything in between
  • We clean toilets as well as disinfecting them
  • We also clean the tiles from any debris that is on or between them
  • We clean sinks as well as cabinets inside and out
  • We clean all handles and faucets around
  • We sweep and mop floor to get rid of anything you may have
  • We clean any mirrors and glass that you may have inside of there
Bedrooms/Living Room - Our expert cleaning service to make your Bedrooms and Living Rooms look cleaner and exceptional as:
  • We dust your furniture, pictures, shelves, rugs lamps and nightstands
  • We mop your hardwood floor/ vacuum your carpet
  • We clean those hard to get places like under the bed and the ceiling fan (if accessible)
  • We make and change beds (covers, bedsheets, pillows)
  • We clean any windows from the sills to the glass as well as the panes.
  • We clean your mirrors and other glass accessories
  • We empty trash cans and rubbish bins
  • We fluff pillows on the couch and on the bed
  • We remove of pet hair and fur from surfaces
  • We clean tables
Kitchen - Our Professional cleaning will make your food preparatory a marvelous sight as:
  • We clean the outside of cabinets
  • We clean counter tops, tables and other surfaces
  • We clean the outside of all kitchen appliances
  • We clean microwave ovens inside and out
  • We mop your hardwood /tile floor
  • We set the dishes in the dishwasher
  • We clean sinks and faucets
We also provide service include but not limited to: Arlington Heights

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